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To sell through Martin Auctions is a simple process.

Enter the details of the items you have for sale below or by email and we will contact you immediately to advise the most suitable sale strategy that will provide the best possible net return. 


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Step 1

Our Advice

Provide one of our experienced sales team details of the assets you are looking to sell and we’ll give you advice on whether it is best to sell via auction or by negotiation.

We can provide advice of value, whether it be by desktop or formal valuation report. 

Step 2

Sale or Auction?

Our workers thoroughly describe and photograph each item and list them on our website. We organise any relevant marketing activities, which may include a public campaign and manage any inspection days. 

Step 3


The successful buyers collect their items once funds have cleared into our company’s trust account. We provide constant updates to our vendors throughout the sale process, to ensure they are kept up to date and understand sale total, collection & payment timing. 

Step 4

Here’s your money!

Once the sale or auction process has concluded, we provide our clients with a detailed sold report, sale analytics & prompt payment. 

Why Sell with us?

The Martin family have more than 70yrs combined industrial asset sales experience. We have valued and or sold over 55 complete mine sites across Australia, Indonesia, Middle East & PNG.

While our specialised experience is in the industrial asset sales category, we provide best in class results for all used equipment, whether it be Catering & Hospitality, Engineering & Workshops, Major event mining campaigns and everything in between!

We provide a variety of sale solutions whether it be Negotiated Sales, Tender or Auction campaigns to ensure our clients assets net return is maximised

Our demographically targeted digital marketing strategy ensures your assets are promoted to the most relevant audience to maximise your assets realisable value

All of our campaigns include an experienced sale managers contact details to ensure that our customers are dealing with a manager that have can provide critical advice to maximise customers bidding confidence

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